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The absolute record of Fernando Llorente

by MIKE on May 20, 2013


Meanwhile, many forget that Juve a great player has already pointed out, that Fernando Llorente, betrothed since January. The man who forced his hand with the extremely proud Athletic Club just to break free and land in a big European.

The Basque striker has a record hard to beat in modern football. Data in hand, over the past 10 years, Fernando Llorente has the record for the most number of headed goals in season in club teams: 14 of the 29 total scored in Bilbao in 2011-12.

In short, Conte will have the best hammer on the market. Last year the Athletic had an average of approx. 5 cross per game, 3 of which are accurate. All or almost Llorente who made ​​the calculations, scores with a header 1 goal every 5/6 precise cross.

A lethal weapon that Juve will have to make the best of ways. Conte will likely try to shape Llorente on the model of precious Mandzukic (10 goals head last year), one of the crucial players in the two-legged Champions League and, at the same time, it will try to raise the number and precision in the cross of the Bianconeri wingers.

Curiosity: the best “crossers” in quantity and quality of the last two years in Serie A were: Diamanti this year and last year Pirlo (Giovinco 3rd) with accurate cross about 2.2 per game.

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